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Bottled Water - 6 count

6 bottles of water.

Red Apple - each

Red, delicious!

Eggs - Dozen

1 dozen of large white eggs.

Fresh Muffins - Each

Assorted variety

Beef Patty - Each

Lean 1/4 pound ground beef patty ready for grilling!  

Lime - Each

Perfect addition to your homemade guacamole!

Oreo Cookies - Package

Package of Oreo cookies.  Don't forget the milk!

Sunscreen Lotion

SPF 30 or greater.  8-10 oz lotion.

Charcoal Briquets,

Appox 3 lb bag of match light charcoal.  No fluid needed.

Dog Food

3.5 - 4 pound bag of dry dog food.  Brands may vary.