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Adrenaline Junkies

22 Jul 2021
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Not everybody is impressed solely by the natural wonders of our location. While Big Bear has plenty of natural beauty with our lake and the San Bernardino National Forest surrounding us, we do have other activities that will get your heart rate up. If you have someone who needs a little adrenaline rush in your group you may want to look into Alpine Slides at Magic Mountain. They have a new Mineshaft Coaster where you control your own speed (reaching up to 27mph) over a mile of exciting twists and turns.

Big Bear Speedway offers you the chance to glide over the pavement in mini race karts and show your friends and family who's driving skills win out.  RT8 Sodi Karts combine speed and safety features to give you the ride of your life on our local track! 

If you need to get up high to feel those thrills, we also have a 9 line zipline course that's located just outside of town. Action Zipline gives you the opportunity to feel the breeze and zip over the trees to get that adrenaline pumping! Whatever the reason for your visit and no matter the season we have plenty of activities for you to enjoy!