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Best Activities To Do in Big Bear with Little Kids

6 Mar 2020
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When it comes time for a family vacation, it’s tempting to think of the typical destination such as an amusement park or beach getaway. But consider a vacation in the mountains, surrounded by nature and the outdoors, at Big Bear Lake. As a parent, you can make this vacation worth remembering by doing activities exclusive to Big Bear like hiking, swimming, and just enjoying the breathtaking scenery. This region is the best fit for families with its endless opportunities to find the right activities for you. Whether it’s a long vacation or a short weekend trip, Big Bear Lake offers a plethora of things to indulge your children in.


The mountainous location of Big Bear Lake makes it perfect for fun hiking with your whole family. The abundance of greenery and flowers, along with beautiful and cozy California weather makes hiking a fun afternoon activity for the whole family. Various spots such as the Trout Alley, Champion Lodgepole Pine, and Woodland trail are ideal for children due to their short and relatively easy trails. Plus, Trout Alley leads to a sandy, beach-like destination perfect for fishing, building sandcastles or splashing around all afternoon.

Jet Skiing

Everyone knows about the famous ice-sports of Big Bear. But, there’s an alternative for children to have a fun experience for other seasons too. Tourists of every age group can enjoy the adrenaline of this fun-packed sport. Rent jet skis at any of the local marinas for a fun afternoon on the lake.

Stroll along the Alpine Path

What could be better than taking a peaceful walk while holding the hands of your younger ones? You can also rent a bicycle and take a ride on the Alpine Pedal Path. It is one of those activities in Big Bear that gives little kids direct exposure to the regional wildlife while having glimpses of the southern part of the lake. In addition, this trail is gifted with local vegetation, colors, and aroma of flowers, which is a breathtaking experience for all ages.

Farmer’s Market Tuesdays

Spend a Tuesday morning exploring the Farmer’s Market at Big Bear Lake Convention Center. The market is open every Tuesday from 8am to 1:30 pm from April to September. Enjoy local and organic vegetables, pastries and flowers along with artisan wares and crafts. The mountain-top location is the perfect place to get little kids off their gadgets and make them engrossed in a traditional market, which can be hard to find in a more urban area.

Big Bear Lake is a perfect destination for families with a wide range of fun and enriching things to do. Consider spending quality time with your little kids of all ages during a getaway to Big Bear Lake. Check out some of our cool cabins to find the perfect home away from home!