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Fishing in Big Bear Lake

4 Aug 2020
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One of the biggest attractions in Big Bear Lake is fishing. Many come up to participate in this lake activity during the Summer and Fall. Whether it is fishing for a tournament or for fun, the whole family can participate! Anyone with a California fishing licence is able to fish in Big Bear lake, these licences are required for anyone over the age of 16 and can be purchased from the many fishing supply stores in Big Bear.


Fishing tournaments are held annually in Big Bear for big prizes such as $50,000. This trout derby is held in September (Sept. 13&13 this year.) Contestants are given bait to start off with which they then use to try to fish tagged trout! A fun family activity can be enjoyed while fishing competitively. 


 This activity is perfect for the mountain/lake experience when coming up to Big Bear Lake. Involving little ones in skillful outdoor activities is a great way to help them become involved with nature and wildlife. Fishing promotes different health benefits and can be a great hobby. It is important to learn how to share the best possible experience with kids when fishing, this is why we recommend reading this article to better understand how to make a better learning experience out of this lake activity: : Taking Kids Fishing 


If it’s your first time fishing and aren’t sure how to get the little ones involved, this would be a great article with informative tips. In this article you can find out what the best fishing areas are, what safety precautions to take, and how to make fishing enjoyable for kids!