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Fun Lake Activities To Do

16 Jul 2019
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Are you on your summer vacation in Big Bear Lake and looking for some fun lake activities? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. These lake activities are fun for the entire family! Don’t forget to pack life jackets and sunscreen for your littles. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Big Bear on the lake:

  1. Boating 

  2. Water Sports

  3. Fishing 

  4. Jet Skiing 

  5. Kayaking/Canoe & Paddleboarding

  6. Captain John’s Tarzan Boat

Boating is mega popular for a lake activity! Check out our blog on marinas for boat rentals. It’s so much fun for the whole family. Whether, you like to go fast or just float about, the boats provided at the marinas got you. There’s anything from pontoon boats to fishing boats.

Water skiing and wakeboarding are becoming more and more popular. It’s one of the most favored aquatic sports now. Be on the watch for an orange flag though; that means a wakeboarder, skier or other type of swimmer is near the boat. 

There are lots of types of fish in our beautiful Big Bear Lake. There are rainbow trout, catfish, bluegill, crappie and more! 5 best places to fish include: Windy Point (located on the North Shore side! It’s quiet and beautiful in this area), Juniper Point (located on the North Shore side as well. This location is known for the Alpine Pedal Path), Stanfield Marsh Wildlife (close to Juniper Point, this is popular for the boardwalk), Boulder Bay Park (there is a dock specifically for fishing), and Bear Valley Dam (there are quite a few turn outs around the Dam, so there should be plenty of parking!) Big Bear Cool Cabins are all over the valley. Call us to get a cabin close to the lake! 

Feel the rush of adrenaline as you dart across Big Bear Lake on a jet ski or wave runner. Jet skis come in different styles include Yamaha Waverunners, Classic Kawasaki, and Sea Doos. Please make sure that you are riding with caution though, these guys can go up to 70 mph. Be aware of other lake explorers and if you’ve got a little person on your back, don’t thrust that throttle too hard! 

The most impeccable way to scout out Big Bear Lake’s nature and surrounding environment is to either go kayaking or canoeing.  It’s super peaceful and relaxing. It’s also good exercise! Be sure to ask us about our 1 FREE 2 hour kayak/paddleboard rental through GetBoards. Kayaks and Paddle Boards alike can explore hidden coves most boats cannot get to. 

The Tarzan Boat at Captain John’s Fawn Harbor Marina is fairly new. It’s one boat with six attractions! Activities include: Gorilla Bounce, Monkey Bounce, Jungle Slide, Gorilla Jump, Monkey Jump and the Tarzan Swing! Click here to check out more information on about their activities!

We hope that you have an epic summer vacation in Big Bear! Call us now to book your summer Big Bear Cool Cabin. Afterall, we were voted Best Big Bear Vacation Home Rental firm!