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Fun Summer Family Activities in Big Bear

29 Sep 2020
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Planning a family trip to Big Bear? We have the perfect list on which activities to do while in the mountains! Whether you are coming from a big city or another small town, Big Bear can always be an exciting and adventurous getaway. The mountains have many activities to offer, during the winter and the summer time but this blog is for the summertime!

Kayaking/ Paddle-Boarding/ Canoeing-


Kayaking, paddle-boarding, and canoeing are major activities in the summertime up here in Big Bear. As the heat begins to rise, families enjoy going out to the lake to participate in these lake activities. There are many rental agencies in Big Bear who rent out these lake items. We work with GetBoards, and each reservation comes with a free kayak, paddle board, or bike rental!


Jet Skiing/ Boat Rentals-


At times, the best way to spend a day at the lake is by relaxing on a boat or taking off in a Jet Ski. While the lake is open, the marinas in Big Bear offer these two lake activities in different areas of the lake. 


Off-roading/ Hiking-


Adventuring in Big Bear means taking a walk or a ride through the forest! Big Bear has many of these scenic trails all over the valley. Visitors are also able to rent Jeeps meant for off-roading on the most difficult trails! Hiking through the trails in Big Bear can also be just as adventurous! Depending on which trail you pick, both an adventurous trail and a peaceful trail can be exciting.

Horseback Riding-


Baldwin Lake has multiple horse stables/ranches that offer horseback riding lessons. This fun activity can be for anyone who enjoys nature and animals from the mountains! 

Pet Zoo-


For all of the animal lovers, the petting zoo is the perfect activity to do while in the mountains! This is perfect for anyone of any age. There is also a zoo you can walk around and learn about the mountain ecosystem and the animals that Big Bear is home to.





During the summertime, many families enjoy camping in Big Bear. There are many campgrounds in Big Bear, such as the Serrano Campground. If it is your first time camping, we recommend renting a cabin and setting up your own perfect campsite in the backyard!