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7 Dec 2018
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How to Prepare Yourself for a Grand Traveling Adventure

There is nothing like a vacation. It's a break from our day-to-day lives and a way to freshen things up when they feel a little stale. However, before we make our escapes, we need to ensure we have properly planned our trips to avoid any stressful situations.


Choosing a Destination

Summer is a popular vacation time, but prices can be extravagant. To avoid some extraneous costs, consider taking your break in winter. This time of year can offer the added benefit of extra days off. Grounds like, nestled in the beautiful Big Bear mountain range, offer fun for the whole family or a romantic getaway for you and your partner. If mountain adventures aren't your thing, it's also adjacent to Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego. There are many things to do in the mountains during the winter, even if you aren't a fan of skiing. Enjoy a spa day or lounge by a fire with a warm drink. Try snowboarding or snowshoeing while your loved ones indulge in skiing. Take a sleigh ride, or go sledding or tubing. Build a snowman or two, or have a snowball fight after a day of ice skating. Winter really is the perfect time to vacation, with plenty of ways to relax and get out of doors to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.


Check Your Packing

A good way to avoid forgetting something is to make a list before you leave. Pack the clothes you will need, and no more. Wear layers when you travel, as this is an easy way to bring extra clothing and save space in your luggage. Be sure any gadgets, such as cameras and tablets, you want to bring are ready, working, and fully charged — and don't forget the charger. Don’t pack the maximum limit, as you will undoubtedly want to bring something back from your trip. Your carry-on luggage should have all of your valuables and an alternate outfit for you to wear should the worst happen and your luggage gets misdirected. And, of course, bring a small emergency kit. You never know what will happen, and it's best to be prepared.


Keeping Your Home Safe

If you are constantly worried about your house, you won't fully enjoy your vacation. If you're close with your neighbors, ask them to keep an eye on your property while you're away. They can grab any mail and collect stray newspapers or flyers. Put timers on lights to ensure that you appear to be home, and stop any sliding doors or windows by putting in a rod or pole to prevent them from opening. If you truly are worried or don't have a neighbor to turn to, consider getting a security system that alerts you of changes to your home. You can also install motion-detection lights outside your house to deter theft. Do not update your social media with information about you leaving your home, including auto-replies to email or your answering machine.


Ensure Good Pet Care

Traveling with pets can be difficult, so sometimes it's preferable to leave them at home. You will, however, want to research the best options to ensure you don't worry about Fido or Freckles the cat while you're away. Hiring a pet sitter from a reputable company is a good option, as it also gives the appearance of someone being active in your home. You can also house them at a kennel or pet hotel, but make sure you visit the facility and look at reviews before you commit your pet to them. Whatever you do, make certain you leave as detailed instructions as possible, including any quirks your pet may have. If your pet hates a certain noise or food, or if they are prone to acts of escape, make sure your caregiver knows.

Vacations should be a break from stress, a way to bring lightness and joy to our lives. If we are worried or don't choose the right venue, we may not have that experience. Plan well before you leave, do your research, and refresh yourself with your perfect vacation.