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Guest Blog by Daniel

26 Oct 2018
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How to Save Money on Your Family Weekend Getaway 

For many families, the weekend is about lazing about and feeling bored while you wait for Monday to roll back around… but not for your family. The weekend is an opportunity for adventure and fun-- and an opportunity for each and every one of you to become closer while hiking, fishing, camping, or simply seeing the sights in the city. With that being said, traveling as a family is rarely cheap. If you’re household is on a budget, you don’t want to blow it over two days. But you can stay within your family’s budget and get your adventure on. Just follow these simple money saving tips!


Save on Pet Care


While your family pet is, well, part of the family, they likely aren’t as stoked as you are about going on a weekend trip. Dogs, cats, and all other family pets do best with consistency. Being forced into an unfamiliar situation and spending hours on the road is not for them. Rather than spending big bucks on expensive kennel, look for pet boarding or a local pet sitter through an online pet service site that connects helpful animal lovers with owners like you. Not only do you get a competitive price, but your beloved pets are able to stay comfortable and safe while you’re away.


Save on Gas


Road trips are great for families. Not only do you get to avoid the hassle that is the airport, but the journey also becomes an awesome part of the adventure. Some of the best memories you’ll make with your family are the conversations you have between points A and B. With that being said, gas is never going to be cheap. So until electric cars become everyday, your family would do well to to use money-saving tips.


  • Use cruise control when on the highway. However, avoid using it if the weather is hazardous. You want to be in total control of a vehicle if it is raining or snowing.
  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated. Your car’s gas mileage can improve as much as 0.6 percent on average—up to 3 percent in other cases—by keeping your tires inflated at their proper pressure.
  • Download at least one mobile app that helps you find the cheapest gas wherever you are. Apps include Gasbuddy, Waze, AAA TripTik Travel Planner, Gas Guru, Mapquest, and Upside.


Take Advantage of Kids’ Rates at Hotels


While renting AirBNBs can help save you money, you can’t beat the security and reliability of a hotel. Thankfully, traveling with your family can be beneficial for your budget. Kids stay free at many rental properties whether you’re skiing at Big Bear or checking out the many museums in NYC. Do your research and find out which places give the best discounts for families. Hotel chains including Holiday Inn, Hyatt, and Embassy Suites all offer deals or, better yet,  kids stay for free.




Weekends can be another two days off or they can be an opportunity for adventure. Traveling as a family doesn’t just create memories, it instills values and creates open minds for your children. However, traveling isn’t cheap. For a family on a budget, adventuring can really stretch a wallet. You can save money by looking for alternative pet care, utilizing gas saving techniques, and always taking advantage of children’s discounts. Instead of sacrificing adventure in the name of saving money, make the most of your family’s free time and enjoy the many benefits of traveling as a family