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Guest Blog - Why Your Dog Deserves A Vacation

20 Sep 2019
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Pet-Friendly Cabins — Why Your Dogs Deserve A Vacation

When you’re about to set off on your vacation and it’s time to dump your dog at the boarding kennels, why do you feel like a traitor? I’m sure you know what I mean. Your best friend gazes up at you with his big, brown eyes and whines. You know he feels betrayed. Why don’t you take him with you?


Dogs love walking

The best way to explore a holiday destination is on foot, especially if you’re headed out into the wilderness where you can’t reach the best views without hiking. Dogs love going for walks, so your dog will enjoy the hike more than you do.

What canines really love is to explore, running around after rabbits and squirrels and sniffing around strange new places. Whether you’re headed into a city, going to a beach, or kayaking down the rapids in a national park, your dog will be delighted by the opportunity to experience unusual smells and sounds.


Dogs make you active

Sometimes when you’re on vacation, you just feel like lazing around. You enjoy sunbathing by the pool, propping up the bar, and eating too much in that fancy café. But when you’ve got your dog with you, you’re forced to spend some time every day on a long walk.

Given the necessity of walking your dog daily, you’ll find yourself exploring those footpaths you’d previously ignored around the resort and stumbling across hidden treasures you never knew existed. Plus, walking your dog saves you from putting on any holiday weight!


Dogs don’t groan and say no

On vacation, have you ever suggested to your friends/kids/spouse that you’d love to climb that hill or walk along that riverbank only to hear them groan? Your dog is always enthusiastic to explore new places.


Keeping your family together

If you’re like me, your dog is as much a member of your family as anybody else. Would you go on vacation without one of your kids? Would you stick them in a children’s home for the week? If your answer is no, then why do that to your poor dog?

Vacations are all about having fun and relaxing with the ones you love. I’m sure you love your dog, so why leave him out? Dogs are perfect companions on vacation.


Make Memories

Some of our fondest memories are created on vacation. With your dog along for the ride, you’re adding one more member to the family dynamic. So, when you’re out on that lake figuring out how not to make a fool on your stand-up paddleboard (SUP), you’ll have fond memories of your dog jumping in to join your fun!


Make new friends

Dogs are naturally gregarious. I’m sure you’ve noticed how they want to meet and greet every stranger you come across in the park. On vacation, they make great ice breakers when you bump into the locals. They can help you start conversations, make new friends, and obtain better information about what’s best to see and do at your chosen destination.

And your dog will meet other dogs, which is great for their socialization. Professional dog trainers recommend you introduce your dog to others outside of your home at a young age, so they learn how to behave around strange dogs.


Save money!

Of course, taking your dog on vacation saves you paying exorbitant kennel fees or owing your friends or neighbors huge favors. It’s already a struggle to save up enough money for the special holiday you deserve, so why add to the expense with overpriced kennels?


Stress Relief

Everybody who’s ever had a dog knows they’re great for stress relief. It’s said that the thumbprint on the head of a King Charles Spaniel was made by the Duke of Marlborough’s wife as she cuddled her spaniel for comfort during the Battle of Blenheim.

Traveling can be stressful. You get caught in traffic, miss that train, or arrive in your rented lakeside lodge only to find that little Johnny left his favorite teddy bear behind and now can’t sleep. Taking your dog along can help relieve that stress.

And, of course, if little Johnny is homesick, having Fido at the bottom of his bed is like bringing a little bit of home along on the journey. A cuddle with your dog is sure to cheer your sad kid.


There’s no shortage of accommodation for dogs!

Not so long ago, it was almost impossible to take pets along on a vacation. Property owners were worried about the damage they might cause. But the situation has changed over the past few decades. Every year, there are more and more places like Big Bear Cool Cabins where pets are not only tolerated, they are welcomed with open arms.


Take your faithful friend on your next vacation

So, you see, there are at least 9 good reasons to take your dog along with you on your next vacation. It’s better for him and better for you. He’ll be delighted by all the long walks and exotic smells. You’ll feel much more relaxed and get more exercise. This year, why not check out the pet-friendly vacation properties provided by conscientious companies like Big Bear Cool Cabins?