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Halloween in Big Bear!

11 Oct 2021
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It may seem a little intimidating to take a trip out of town during the fall holiday when you aren't sure where to take your little ones Trick Or Treating, but honestly, it's a perfect time! Big Bear Lake has some great events on and around Halloween for adults and kids to enjoy. 
For the adults, The Cave's 2021 Punktober Fest is happening on October 23, from 5 PM - 10 PM. Come and witness  Zero Authority, No Consent, and the Angry Samoans will perform with Bill V and friends.
Halloween Metal Fest will take place at The Cave on October 29, from 7 PM - 11:30 PM with bands Slaytanic (Slayer Tribute), Woke Up Dead (Megadeth Tribute), and Far Beyond Hostile (Female Pantera Tribute). Come on over and rock out! 
Boo at the Zoo takes place on the 30th in the earlier hours. From 10 AM-3 PM, you can come to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo in costume with a candy bag and collect some sweets! Please don't include sound effects in your costume for this event as it may be frightening for the animals.
Trick Or Treating in The Village is back this year after taking the year off. This is a great way to experience one of the most enjoyable locations in our community and to see lots of other cool costumes and decorations. Keep in mind that it will be chilly! Make sure to dress warmly and to put some cozy undergarments under your little one's costumes. During Trick Or Treat in The Village all of the storefronts hand out candy and the community comes together to celebrate! If you'd like to participate come to The Village with the kiddos in costume at anytime between 5-7 and score some candy! 
Check out our cabins that are walking distance to the Village!