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It's Spring in the mountains!

18 Apr 2016
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Spring is here!

It has stopped snowing (yay!)  and the sun is out ALL THE TIME (yay!) The forecast calls for some possible showers this weekend. I'm A-okay with this. April showers are my absolute favorite time to go exploring in the mountains! So grab your gear and we'll see you in Big Bear. 

Here's my short list of must-see spots to help you get started-

  • Castle Rock

Some of the best views of the lake and after a good rain you'll find some great hidden waterfalls along this trail. It's a little steep at points, but well worth the climb. About 3 miles round trip. 

  • Woodland Trail

There are quite a few stops along this trail where they have put benches- you'll understand why when you're out there (beautiful!). Definitely dog accessible. About 1.5 mile loop. 

  • Grays Peak (my personal favorite)

 This one has a tough start, but gets easier as you go. Bring a snack/lunch and water. The boulders at the top of the trail are AMAZING and my favorite lookout over the lake.  About 7 miles round trip. 

  • Alpine Pedal Path

This is more of a really nice stroll and definitely my favorite place for a morning run. Family/pet/bike friendly. Some great photo-op spots along this trail. About 6 miles round trip. 

So come on up and enjoy the mountains in Spring. Trust me, you won't want to leave!