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Preserve Big Bear’s Beauty

23 Apr 2020
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Big Bear is located in the San Bernardino mountains and is in the San Bernardino National Forest. This mid-forest dream is a popular year-round resort destination. With many weekends totalling up to a 100,000 people population counts, our small resort city needs your help. 

When many people come up to Big Bear during the winter season, old worn and torn sleds become a big issue for the San Bernardino National Forest. Broken parts of sleds are left along the streets and within the forest, this not only affects the beauty of Big Bear itself, but also the wildlife that lives amongst us in the mountains. 


The Big Bear community encourages tourists along with residents to dispose of broken or unwanted sleds at Leoco Fence Company, 501 W Big Bear Blvd. This initiative helps get sleds off the roadsides and instead recycle them. 

As a community, we ask you to please be conscious when traveling to the mountains. This can be done by cleaning up any trash you bring along with you and leaving it any of the Clean Bear dump sites. We also ask tourists to recycle their used sleds.


Help us preserve Big Bear’s Beauty for more vacations to come!