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Summer Showers

15 Jul 2021
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We don't see a lot of rain in sunny California but every once in a while, a rainy day may grace your vacation. This may seem like a bummer, but it's really an opportunity to think outside the box and enjoy activities you may not have been aware of previously. Big Bear is definitely an outdoor destination but our town has little indoor gems too. If summer showers show up when your away from home check out these activities to make the most of your time! 

- The Big Bear Escape Room

Go on an indoor adventure with your family and friends at one of Big Bears' local escape rooms. Choose your adventure out of the available rooms and follow the clues to solve the mystery and escape!


- The Big Bear Movie Theater

The movies are open again! Go see that new movie that you've been waiting for and grab a Nathans hot dog and some hot buttered popcorn on your way in! Relax in a dark theater and let the show transport you to a different place. 


- The Bowling Barn

Were so happy to announce that The bowling barn is open again! Go and enjoy the 16-lane bowling alley and The Alley Oops Sports Bar. Grab a snack or play in the arcade. If you go in the evenings with the kids or a group of friends, you can try your hand at glow bowling!