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Trout Derby

3 Jun 2021
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On June 12th and 13th Big Bear Lake hosts the Fishing for $50k Trout Derby. During this exciting event anglers can fish from 6am to 2pm and possibly bag one of 5 Grand Prize Tagged Trout that are worth 10k each! You could win up to 50K by participating in this event. Participants may register online or by phone up until 5pm on the 10th of June. In-person registration may take place on the 11th from noon until 10pm. Entry is $80 for adults and $30 for participants under 16 years old. All participants will receive a raffle ticket, a free jar of bait, and a wristband that provides a discount at participating shops and restaurants.  Only 550 registered participants will be permitted so get registered while you can!

If you're interested in a discount then you can get 50% off when you are staying at least one night in any Big Bear lake Lodging facility. Any of Big Bear Cool Cabins 380 properties would qualify you for that discount and get you an incredible stay in the bargain. If you're not planning on staying the night you can also obtain a discount by renting a pontoon boat from participating marinas (Big Bear, Hollowa’s, Pine Knot, and Pleasure point.) 

For any questions regarding the derby call 1-800-424-4232