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Village Shops in Big Bear

5 Jul 2020
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Shopping has always been an all time vacation favorite. While Big Bear does not have a mall, we do have a small shopping center located in the heart of the town in front of the lake! Although it is small compared to other shopping centers, it does have a variety of stores and restaurants to offer. 


The village has many boutiques you can shop from. 

These boutiques include Paisley Boutique,  Le Muse Boutique, Del Lagos Boutique, and O KOO RAN. These boutiques have handpicked clothing, perfect for any lookbook!


If you're looking for something to remember Big Bear, you can shop from the many gift stores and souvenir shops along the village. We have many different stores which each have unique gifts/souvenirs to offer. 


While walking around and shopping, people often get hungry or thirsty. The Village has different restaurants, bars, and ice cream/candy stores all with their own unique twist. If you do get hungry while shopping the village has pizza places, hamburger restaurants, or even Thai food! If you’re in the mood for a quick snack, we recommend trying one of the many ice cream or gelato shops in the village!


The Village is located right next to the lake so it is a quick walk to head over to the lake right after you are done shopping, or to enjoy your food by the lake. We recommend giving this place a go, and checking out the many stores in the village!