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8 Nov 2021
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It's the start of the winter season and we may not have snow yet but I'm sure it will be here soon! How do you make sure that you are set for success when visiting us this winter? Make sure you have some basics before you arrive.  

Chains are a requirement when traveling in the winter months. You may not have to put them on in the end, but it's mandatory that you have them just in case. Should chain regulations be put in place during your visit you may not be allowed to travel up or down the mountain until you obtain some. It would be best to make sure this is covered beforehand so you don't find any extra travel time added to your trip if you're told to turn around at the top of the mountain. 

Snow Gear is a must when you're planning on winter fun, but keep in mind that we are a small community with no major department store. Snow boots, pants, and bibs are something that may need to be obtained ahead of time. If you're not interested in renting gear, or you want to hunt for a deal, it’d be much better to plan ahead. Local shops like GetBoards will be able to help you with renting boards, skis, and other equipment. 

Travel warm! Just in case of delays, emergencies, or an accident, having extra supplies is a great idea. Pack a few extra blankets and some water for your trip. It's never a bad idea to be extra prepared! 


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