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20 Mar 2023
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That last set of storms sure kept us on our toes didn't it? If we learned anything it's that a little bit of preparation goes a long way. Winter still has its teeth dug in with more rain and snowfall expected over the next few days. If you are visiting take a few simple steps to ensure that you travel safely!

  1. Carey Chains - Don't skip this step. It's a requirement to travel with chains for your vehicle during the winter season in the San Bernardino Mountains. Have them and educate yourself on how to use them. This one simple step can buy you the peace of mind of knowing you will be safer in any weather conditions that might arise.

  2. Car Supplies - Who travels without snacks in the first place? But in all seriousness, it's a great idea to have a few extra items and some water accessible in your vehicle for the trip. Hopefully, you never find yourself in an emergent situation needing them, but the traffic isn't a terrible reason either. Make sure you have extra blankets and some cozy clothes also. If a winter destination isn't your usual environment, the cold might feel a little harsher to you than it does to the locals. In the event of delays or car trouble is a great idea to keep a few extra things on hand to make sure you stay cozy. 

  3. Drive Cautiously - I know, those car commercials make it look like the car does it all, but in reality, that's not the case. Four-wheel drive, chains, or any other fancy attachments don't mean that you can always drive as fast or fluidly as you usually would in harsh conditions. Keep in mind that fast stops/starts may result in sliding and spinning when conditions are snowy/icy. Drivers should use their best judgment and drive appropriately for all conditions. 

Big Bear Cool Cabins is welcoming any guests visiting Big Bear for these late winter activities with a March Special. If you would like help finding accommodations please give us a call at 800-550-8779 or take a look at our website. We’re happy to help! 


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