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Areas in Big Bear

4 Jul 2019
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Did you know Big Bear is composed of several small towns? These areas are unique and each offer different experiences. We listed some facts about each area in effort to help you determine which area you want to stay in next time you come up!


Big Bear Lake

Most attractions and restaurants reside in Big Bear Lake. If you’re coming to ski, snowboard, or do water activities, this will be the best area for you as most activities are in Big Bear Lake.


If you’re going to ski/snowboard at Bear Mountain or simply want to enjoy a beautiful mountain view, this is the area for you! Many cabins in this area have gorgeous mountain views as this area resides in the hills of Big Bear.


The north side of Big Bear known as Fawnskin is the perfect area for a fishing vacation or just a quiet getaway. The north side of the lake has great fishing spots and marinas if you decide to fish from a boat. This is also a quiet, isolated area away from the busy town if you’re looking for a quiet getaway.

Big Bear City

This residential area is perfect if you plan to attend events at the Big Bear Convention Center or simply want to enjoy a family getaway. Big Bear City has some great restaurants you won’t want to miss!


A quiet area on the hills, that’s what Sugarloaf is. This mountainy area is perfect for those wanting to get away from the city noise, relax, and enjoy the pine trees around.