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Big Bear Queen

27 Jun 2019
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We recently did a blog on the marinas in Big Bear Lake. Well, our team members, Kayla and Devi went on a little boat tour! If you’re not following our Instagram, you should! You’ll get to know about the employees who work for Big Bear Cool Cabins. Big Bear Queen has been touring since 1965. It is a sixty passenger paddlewheel boat and the original one in Big Bear Lake. Captain Chris is a lifelong Big Bear Queen captain. He talks about the history of Big Bear Lake on this 90 minute excursion. 


The Big Bear Queen has been ranked #1 of 8 Sightseeing Tours in the Big Bear Region by tripadvisor. This boat tour departs from Big Bear Marina. They offer three different lake tours and charters: The Lake Tour, The Sunset Cruise and Private Parties. Today, we are going to tell you about The Lake Tour!

The girls did the 2:00 pm tour. There are no snacks or drinks provided but you are more than welcome to bring anything you’d like (that includes alcohol). Captain Chris will show you all the sights you want to see of Big Bear Lake. 

First stop, Eagle Point! One of Southern California’s prime roosting habitats for the American Bald Eagle. If you’ve heard anything at all about the eagles in Big Bear Lake, you’ve probably seen the live webcam of their nest! Simba is almost ready to fly. Check out the live cam here

Next, Big Bear Holcomb Valley. Gold was discovered in Holcomb Valley in 1860. It was Southern California’s largest gold rush. Holcomb Valley was discovered by Bill Holcomb who discovered the gold by tracking and hunting bears. There have been no Grizzly Bears since the 1920’s however, we do still have Black Bears. You might see them going through trash cans from time to time. 

Big Bear Solar Observatory is the world’s largest and most advanced solar telescopes. Big Bear has a solar observatory because of the 300 sunny days we have up here! Awesome, right? Also, because of the high elevation we have. Big Bear’s Elevation is 6,752’. 


Next, the Big Bear Dam. Big Bear Lake is the largest man-made lake! It’s 23 miles long and covers 3,000 acres of land. The first rock dam was built in 1884. In 1910, the current dam was built. The dam keepers house was built in 1890. Today, the roof has completely fallen in. From a boat, you can see the peak of it. The lake is 82ft deep by the dam. 


Last stop, Treasure Island also known as China Island because of its oriental style. The correct name is Garstin Island. It is privately owned and the home is built on top of massive boulders in 1911 by Maude Garstin. One of the most popular swimming areas in Big Bear Lake; you can always see people jumping off the rocks. 

While on the Big Bear Queen, you also get to know more about the first public roads in 1916, Papoose Bay being one of the smallest coves that we have, Windy Point, camp Big Bear in 1938, celebrity homes, Metcalf Bay and it’s oldest marina, and Snow Forest Ski Area in 1939 now known as Alpine Slide at Big Bear Lake. 

The Big Bear Queen is great for all ages! Kayla and Devi suggest to bring some snacks, drinks, and sweaters because they don't call it Windy Point for no reason. It’s conveniently located by The Village. We have a lot of Cool Cabins close by. Reach out to us on your next Big Bear Vacation and we’ll find a cabin close to the Big Bear Lake Village. Big Bear Cool Cabins would be happy to accommodate you and your family! Ask us about the $2 off coupons we have for the Big Bear Queen.