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Focusing on local causes and charities but also reaching out to worldwide organizations including Alisa's favorite, Smile Train.  Other recent causes include Unicef, German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County and most recently, The Dallas Police Assist the Officer Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and other Ukranaine assist agencies.

Cool Cabins Cares sponsors local sports teams, organizes roadside cleanups, contributes to community events such as Fourth of July Fireworks, Big Bear Pageants, annual scholarships, provide lunch at the senior center, donates to Doves Women and Children's Center, Lighthouse Project, Jumprope for Heart and many others. 

How We Care:

  • Local Donations: Cool Cabins Cares! recently sponsored 6th-grade kids at a local school to attend science camp.
  • Major Charities: Recently, Cool Cabins Cares! sponsored a charity event for Project Self Sufficiency. Project Self Sufficiency is a community-based program assisting low-income, single parents to achieve economic independence through education, training, and social services.
  • Giving Time: Helping to keep our valley beautiful on Earth Day, the Cool Cabins Cares! crew picked up trash near the ski resort.