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Big Bear Speedway

The wildly-popular kart racing is now in Big Bear Lake! Thrill seekers can now drive SODI RT8 Karts and compete against the clock while reaching speeds of up to 30 mph at the new Big Bear Speedway. The SODI RT8 Karts, which look like miniature Formula 1 race cars, have innovative technology designed to handle twists and turns with precision. Drivers buckle in and wear full-face visor helmets as they circle around the track at top speeds to race against the clock. Each heat includes more than two miles of racing with an average of 10 to 14 laps per heat.

Big Bear Speedway has 17 single karts and six doubles that have two steering wheels and two brake pedals for training or parent riding with a child. Up to 11 cars are allowed on the track at one time but drivers aren’t racing against each other, they’re competing against the clock. 


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