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The forests surrounding Big Bear Lake offer trails for hikers and walkers at all skill levels. For the adventurous, high peaks offer 360 degree panoramas. Snow Summit's Sky Chair can easily take you to the top so you can hike down while enjoying spectacular scenic vistas that include superb views of Big Bear Lake and deep forests. Entry into the National Forest is free, but parking requires an Adventure Pass from the U.S. Forest Service. 

When it comes to taking a trip to the mountains it’s only natural to make a connection with hiking in the woods. Hiking is one of the most popular activities in Big Bear Valley because it’s one of the easiest activities to do for people of all ages and all walks of life. The gear for hiking is the least bit complicated, too. In fact, all it takes is a good set of sturdy shoes, a bottle of water, sunblock, a hat for shade and maybe a hiking stick. Big Bear’s thousands of acres of wilderness take care of the rest.

The great thing about Big Bear is there are multiple trailheads with easy access points throughout the valley. One of the most noteworthy hiking trails is the Pacific Crest Trail, which meanders through the east and north ends of Big Bear Valley. Other popular trails in the Big Bear Valley include The Woodland Interpretive Trail, Pine Knot Trail, The Town Trail, Cougar Crest Trail, Castle Rock Trail and the Champion Lodgepole Trail. All of these trails mentioned can easily be identified on the trails map. Another worthy trail for a trek is the new Skyline Trail, which can be found on the backside of Snow Summit Mountain Resort. The Skyline Trail is relatively flat, snakes east to west, and parallels the US Forest Service Road 2N10.

Some hikers prefer to “bag a peak,” and The San Bernardino National forest has its fair share of peaks to conquer including Bertha Peak, Sugarloaf Mountain, Delamar and Sugarlump just to name a few. The main reason why hikers like to reach the top of these summits is to experience the outstanding panoramic views. Depending on which trail you take to the top you could see views of the Mojave Desert, Baldwin Lake, Mount San Gorgonio and of course Big Bear Lake.

The actual hike provides scenic wonders from start to finish too. Hikers are treated to lush meadows that line the trails along the way. The meadows present a variety of flora created by natural springs, and the greenery is rather overwhelming. Of course that’s a good thing. In fact, these green patches attract various winged beings from butterflies to hummingbirds and golden finches. During the late spring and most of the summer a variety of wildflowers are sprinkled throughout to add to the picturesque appeal.

Delve deeper into the woods to explore. You may find some boulders to climb or a down tree that is great fun to walk across. Various evergreens like White Firs, Jeffery Pines, Cedars, Lodgepole Pines, Ponderosas and Sugar Pines provide shade throughout. A variety of birds will dazzle your sense of hearing with a harmonious symphony of bird chirps only audible in the forest. Other wildlife that has been seen on a dayhike includes mule deer, grey squirrels, chipmunks, cottontails, foxes and lizards.

Ask our office for a hiking trail map! 

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