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Looking for some winter fun? Our snowshoe adventure will surely provide an amazing experience for the whole family, 10 years and older.


Discover the beauty of winter in the mountains of Big Bear. Glide through the pines heavy with snow and enjoy the crowned splendor of cross-country ski trails, or explore the backwoods on snowshoes. The great thing about both winter sports is tranquility and untouched beauty surrounds. Silence of the flocked forest speaks to the soul. It is definitely a Zen-like environment that captivates the spirit within. It's just you and nature one-on-one.

You might encounter a squirrel or deer, or at least you'll see an assortment of animal tracks on the snow-covered forest floor. This is a great way to introduce the kids to a new exploration to identifying different animal tracks. The Big Bear Discovery Center sells books on animal tracks and it offers programs on weekends to teach youngsters how to recognize and decipher the variety of wildlife prints in the snow.

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing also offer health benefits. Both winter sports provide a natural physical fitness program that goes to a whole different level that a typical indoor gym can’t take you to. This is ideal for anyone who is looking for a mellow, yet effective cardio workout. The great thing about this type of exercise is it’s so much fun and stimulating that it doesn't even feel like exercise. 

Big Bear Discovery Center

The National Recreation Reservation Service handles reservations for most campgrounds, while some are first-come, first-served, and others reserve through the ranger station.


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