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Action Zipline 

Experience the sensation of flying through the air just like a bird. Zip lining tours in Big Bear Lake give you the opportunity to do just that. Adventure seekers will no longer need to travel to faraway exotic places to get a rush of adrenaline. Big Bear is just a short drive away where folks can now zip through the forest on exciting zip lines.

Guests suspend high above the forest floor overlooking mountain vistas and zip through forested landscapes and cross over rocky canyons. Highly trained guides facilitate the entire tour from equipment checks to clipping in each participant to the zip lines. Guests are fitted with the required equipment including harness, helmet and heavy duty gloves.

Zip it up and take flight in Big Bear any time of the year. Zip line tours are now open year round (yes even in the snow). Come to Big Bear to fly away from it all! 

For more information, call 909-866-0390.

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