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Big Bear Winter Adventure Checklist

Drive Safely in the Snow

While Big Bear roads are maintained, snow can pile up and stick. We recommend driving a 4WD or AWD vehicle for your Big Bear adventure.

Safety First:

Driving in snowy conditions can be challenging, even for experienced drivers. We urge you to drive slowly, maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, and brake gently to avoid skidding.

Check Gas Levels:

It's crucial to ensure your vehicle has at least half a tank of gas when driving in colder temperatures. Not only does this reduce the risk of running out, but it also prevents gas line freeze-up.

Gear Up with Chains:

While Big Bear roads are maintained, snow can pile up and stick. Chains or snow tires (with the snowflake icon) are required when visiting the mountain areas. Be sure to practice putting your chains on before you get here so you're prepared. It’s not just about safety; it's the law.

Stay Informed:

Weather conditions in mountain areas can change rapidly. Tune into local radio stations or use mobile apps for real-time updates.

Pack Your Car With Winter Essentials

  • Snow Shovel & Snow Scraper
  • Blanket & Flashlights
  • Drinking water & snacks
  • Roadside Emergency Kit

Additional Tips

Know Your Vehicle:

Understand the functions of your vehicle, such as where the defrost and hazard light buttons are, and how to turn off any automatic functions that might not be suitable for icy conditions.

Rest Stops:

If you feel fatigued, don't push yourself. Look for safe places to take a break, rest, and maybe enjoy a hot cup of cocoa!

Plan Ahead

Map out your route in advance, and always let someone know your estimated arrival time.

Did you know? Properly installing chains can increase tire traction by up to 50% on snowy roads. Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide!

How to Put On Chains Effectively