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About Us

Cool Cabins originally got its start in 1998 by the Armstrong family who lived in a small town in the High Desert. They began with only three cabins and worked out of their basement in their family home. As time progressed, they began to start accumulating homes by word of mouth. Cool Cabins now has over forty employees (all locals) and currently manages over 350 properties in Big Bear with more and more joining us every day. We've been lucky enough to meet and accommodate thousands of vacationers and create relationships with hundreds of homeowners and associates.

Today Cool Cabins is run as a tight-knit company, which is the way it has been since the beginning. We believe in hard work, dedication, follow-through, and most of all we believe in the quality of our service as well as our homes. We prefer to think of ourselves as a stepping stone for our guests to make memories with their loved ones, in one of the most beautiful cities in California, and possibly the world. We want our guests to always remember the time they came to Big Bear with the family, stayed in a wonderful cabin, the times they went skiing, the times Grandpa took them fishing and so on and so forth. If we can give that to you, or be a part of it in a small way and do it at a reasonable price, that's all we want.

Many of our homes, employees, affiliates, and guests have been with us since the beginning and have become the very foundation upon which we stand today. We are well known, trusted, and established in the community. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve and grow as a company. Our plan for the future is as simple as that.