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What to do in Big Bear

13 Sep 2019
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Obviously, the lake is the most popular attraction this time of the year. But what if you’re not a fan of the lake?

If that’s you, it’s your lucky day! We’ve made a list of non-water things to do in Big Bear just for you:  



This is the most popular FREE activity in Big Bear. Why? Because you’re able to encounter some of the most gorgeous views at most hiking trails.  

Scenic Sky Chair

Get on Snow Summit’s Scenic Sky Chair to experience the most breathtaking views in Big Bear!


Feeling adventurous? Zip it up and take flight in Big Bear any time of the year!


Big Bear’s Bowling Barn doesn’t just offer bowling. They also have a full-service bar, pool tables, an arcade room, and tons of fun! An activity idea for all ages.

The Village

There’s so much stuff to do here! From shopping, to dining, to night life. They have it all!